Mastering Coaching Follow Ups


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

We’ve all been there, great assessment, awesome program presentation and then somewhere along the way the relationship with a client starts to take a negative turn.

These are the moments when communication and your coaching follow ups are the key to bringing the positiveness back to the relationship and getting your client winning again.

Our clients are our best marketers, and a winning client evolves into a referral machine.

So for this week’s coaching strategy, I wanted to share a video from our Nutrition Coach Certification Course that will walk you through the step to Master Your Coaching Follow Ups.

In this video, you’ll learn the three main strategies to ensuring each coaching follow up is a success. We will dive into the importance of each session and how the quality of your coaching will determine the momentum and success your client feels from one session to the next.

And if you want even more cutting-edge strategies to take your business to the next level, check out some other articles and videos here and also watch this video to learn about all the robust Venice Nutrition Health Pro offerings for your business.

As always, Thank YOU for leading by example and making a forever difference in the health of our world!


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