Menopause and Your Metabolism – Part 1


Hello Health Champion!

A few nights ago Abbi woke me up extremely uncomfortable with an hour of straight hot flashes.  Abs and I are both 48, and Abbi is entering the fun times of perimenopause.

Menopause is a hot topic I get asked about all the time.  I’ve coached thousands of clients going through the different stages of menopause and it was time to do a video on the topic.

So I reached out to my great friend and Nutrition Guru, Carrie Lupoli, and we just rocked an info packed Facebook Live on Menopause and Your Metabolism.

It was fun, loaded with content and will empower you to master your metabolism through menopause.

And even if you aren’t close to menopause, this content is still for you.  The sooner you implement winning hormone strategies the stronger your metabolism.

Check out the Video on my blog and make sure to share it with anyone you know struggling with the hormone shifts and metabolism challenges of menopause.

Plus make sure to connect with me on my Facebook Page, Carrie and I are doing Part 2 of this series Wednesday, March 3rd at 3PM EST.

Make 2021 the year you take your body to the Next Level!


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