Movement is Life

I was watching one of my favorite Zombie movies, “World War Z” and I was reminded of the line Brad Pitt’s character says, “Movement is Life”. Those three simple words are so true to many different parts of life, but especially true about your health.

Our bodies are either moving forward with activity or regressing with inactivity.

With the Fall season here and temperatures eventually dropping (it’s still 90 degrees in Georgia!), exercise can naturally become less and less frequent and inactivity begins to creep in….

Fall and Winter are the months of weight and fat gain (especially with the delicious holiday foods), so I was inspired to share 5 Different ways you can stay active over the next few months and steel time with your exercise.

And to help get you into the Workout Spirit, I wanted to share a few Pics from our two EPIC ZENERGIZE workout’s in Orlando and Singapore. As part of our partnership with Jeunesse Global, we are taking our PFC message and Zen Project 8 movement around the world.

And this Fall we’re rocking EPIC workouts in Orlando, Singapore, Thailand, Milan and RIO, so before we dive into your exercise info today, get your motivation flowing by feeling the passion from these pics…

Now let’s dive into the 5 ways you can rock your exercise this fall and winter

1. Know the 3 Types of Exercise. Time is tight for us all, so it’s important to learn how to optimize every second of exercise so you maximize every movement. Read this article I wrote about exercise and immediately start optimizing your time.

2. Power through a 10 Minute Workout – Anywhere. Sometimes you only have 10 minutes, well 10 minutes of power does wonders for your body. Watch this 10-minute-High Intensity Workout you can do anywhere and anytime.

3. Steal 60 Seconds at Work. Imagine finding 60 seconds every hour at work to do a squat, hold a plank, or get a stretch. We can all find 60 seconds… watch this video and see how you can steal exercise at work.

4. Ditch Your Chair. For all the parents out there, a great way to burn some extra calories and strengthen your core muscles is to simply stand instead of sit. You will burn at least double the calories in the same time. And if you are up for taking it to an even higher level, watch this video on how to exercise at your kids’ activities!

5. Stay Flexible and Aligned. Fastest way to become inactive is with an injury. As great as movement is for your body, it also can lead to getting hurt, especially if you’re not focusing on self-care. Self-care is all about daily stretching, keeping your spine aligned and listening to your body. Watch this video to learn how simple it is to keep your body flexible and aligned.

There you have it – 5 simple ways to keep moving! The cool part of movement, is the more you do it, the more creative you become. So, start with these five and then expand into your own list and share with your family and friends.


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