New Affiliate Program + New PFC3 Nutrition Coach Certification


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

The encouragement, love, and excitement from the email last week about Abbi and I beginning our New Chapter was simply amazing. Thank YOU!

If you missed it, you can check out the blog here.

The energy and freshness I feel right now is special. I’m back in full creation mode with total freedom and with a crystal-clear focus on Education first forever.

As we experience this special time together and gear up to launch our next and biggest program to date, the 28-Day Jumpstart, and 100 Days of 1% Program, we want to make sure our entire Health Pro Community experiences it with us from day 1!

There is so much being launched from February through May and your feedback and passion is needed and wanted!

Each week, I’ll be sharing what’s coming next, and beyond our New Program we’ll be launching a global member community called the PFC3 Club.

But more specifically for you, your business, and your brand we’re launching a New Affiliate Program, a New PFC3 Nutrition Coach Certification, a Co-Branded Turn-Key Nutrition & Marketing System, A New Health Pro Support Community and of course New Health Pro Events, where we can all connect, share ideas, and learn from one another!

Exciting times ahead, but as Abbi always tells me, bring it back to the main focus right now.

There is One important thing I wanted to share with you today:

We just launched our New PFC3 Affiliate program and we wanted to introduce it first to our amazing health pro community.

Simply click on the link, watch my 2-minute video and fill out the information to become an affiliate.

We each have a brand and it’s a rare opportunity to see a launch of a global movement from the very beginning.

This is your opportunity to see it, experience it and learn from the start. This education will be incredible to apply to your business.

Ok, that’s enough for today, I’m hoping you can feel the positive vibes and the sense of what’s coming.

Forever appreciate you and the difference we make together side by side, truly just the beginning!


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