NEW Co-Branded 8 Week Plan & NEW Eat PFC Every 3 Book!


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

Wow, can’t believe that the NEW Coaches Network and NEW Health Coach Certification are only one month away from launching!

We have been working on this new platform and certification for the last 18 months. Excited for you to dive in and I’m confident you’ll love both!

Both will be launching and available to all on Monday, June 5th, 2017.

Since we are only weeks away from launch, I have had many requests for the opportunity to Co-Brand our world renowned 8-Week Plan.

Currently all Venice Nutrition Coaches and Licensees can only use the Venice Nutrition Documents, digital offerings and meal building software to provide their clients with the cutting edge VN Programs.

This changes TODAY!

For the first time ever, we are launching a complete Co-Brand Package!

Every part of the 8-Week Experience will Feature Your Brand along with the Venice Nutrition Brand, a true Co-Brand.

Here are the Co-Brand Materials offered in this package:

  1. The NEW EAT PFC Every 3 E-Book – This is the powerful new e-book that’s part of the new Health Coach Certification. It will help your clients win every step of the way and assist you in leading them through their 8-Week Experience.
    • You’ll receive two co-branded versions of the e-book, one with supplement recommendations and one without supplement recommendations
  2. NEWLY Updated World Renowned 8-Week Plan, featuring the Detox, Ignite and Thrive phases
    • You’ll receive two cobranded versions of each phase, one with supplement recommendations and one without supplement recommendations
  3. 8-Week Theme Based Marketing Materials to seamlessly spread your message throughout your community
    • Marketing material from Kicking off the New Year, to Getting Ready for Summer, to Staying Fit for Fall, to Winning the Holidays. These marketing flyers will allow your message to stay current and relevant in your community.
  4. 8-Week Theme Based Event Materials to Drive Attendance to Your Seasonal Launches
    • The event flyers will help promote your launches whether they are in person or virtual. Plus, quarterly theme based events makes your message relevant to local media, workplace wellness and creates momentum to expand your business through social media.

The Venice Nutrition 8 Week Experience

With your 8-Week Co-Brand package your business immediately has a full nutrition program and marketing system and the best part, it’s only a one-time investment of $997!

Now, since it takes 2-3 weeks to Co-Brand your materials, I wanted to give every health pro in our community a head start on this package before we go live with the new Coaches Network and New Health Coach Cert.

Plus, since summer is approaching fast and the sooner you have your co-branded documents the faster you can expand your nutrition business through launching 8-Week Experiences with YOUR Brand.

If you’re ready to get your Co-Branded 8 Week Material now, simply click here.

If you want to check out more info about the Co-Branding package check out this page >

It’s only a one time investment of $997


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