NEW PFC3 Weekly Recipes – Taco Salad, Blackened Salmon + Roasted Chicken!


Hello Health Champion!

The #1 request we always get is about tasty new PFC3 approved recipes.

So, we’re so excited to introduce you to a longtime friend, fellow nutritionist/trainer, Venice Nutrition Certified Coach and PFC3 Recipe Guru –  Tania Gustafson!

Tania is sharing NEW, Delicious and Balanced PFC3 Recipes Every Wednesday on our PFC3 social channels straight from her kitchen!

Make sure to follow @myPFC3 on Instagram and Facebook and be ready every week to learn exciting ways to flavor up clean PFC3 recipes and become your own Recipe Boss!

Dive into these 3 Recipe Videos straight from Tania’s Kitchen:

  1. Taco Salad with a Twist
  2. Gourmet Roasted Chicken & Vegetables (Comfort Food Style)
  3. Scrumptious Blackened Salmon

And as you get your Recipe groove on, I also wanted to give you a tiny taste of all that is coming….

If you know me, you know I have 3 deep rooted passions: 

  • Live everyday as an adventure with my family
  • Help Empower and Educate the world to forever live with food freedom
  • Partner with fellow health pros to elevate their message and together share the power of blood sugar balance

Over the last 25 years Abbi and I have done this through writing, coaching, speaking, media, digital programs, strategic partnerships, events, workplace wellness and so much more.

Just these few pics are powerful reminders of the incredible friendships and difference we have all made together.

There is so much that’s launching between April – October 2023 to once and for all help anyone, especially you, forever transform your health, live with food freedom and once and for all become your own Nutrition Boss!

We get lots of questions about the best way to stay in touch with all that’s coming and how to best plug in now, so we created a NEW page, providing a snapshot of all the ways to plug into our hottest things.

Check it out here.

This page is an amazing way to stay connected as we gear up to launch our new PFC3 Flagship Program, the 100 Days of 1%, Workplace Wellness, Nutrition Boot Camps, Live Events, plus New Health Professional offerings.

And of course, you got this email, so make sure to keep checking your email, we’ll be sharing consistent updates to always first provide you with 1% coaching tips to help you crush your health and then add in any cool updates to keep you connected.

Thanks for choosing to lead by example and inspire others to live their best health!   YOU are a difference maker!


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