New Video – Why Blood Sugar, Why Get Nutrition Certified, How to Make a Message Based Video


VN Certification Promo Video - Final V2Clicking on the Video will take you to the YouTube page to like and comment.

Hello Fellow Health Pros!

I’m excited to share this New Video showcasing the power of blood sugar balance and our Nutrition Coach Certification. As you check out the video think about these 3 things:

  • how simple it is to explain the science of blood sugar & Eating in 3s
  • how building a nutrition business is much more than just a nutrition education, you need sales, communication and branding training
  • how you can duplicate this type of video by taking your media appearances along with video segments and infusing your message and brand

Oh and after you watch the video, I have a 5 small favors to ask. These 5 things greatly help build the SEO of this video, which in turn educates more people about blood sugar balance and more health pros about the power of nutrition. Here are my 5 requests:

  • watch the entire video
  • subscribe to our Venice Nutrition YouTube Channel
  • like the video (as long as you do)
  • make a comment on the youtube page – whatever you’re feeling
  • share it with anyone you think it will benefit, and remember to use your affiliate link when sharing the video. If you aren’t an affiliate here’s a link to become one >

Thanks for making a difference and leading this movement right by my side!

Massive Hugs,



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