Our National Nutrition TV Show Launches Next Week!


Hello Health Champion!

Next week is the Week!

Here’s a pic of our Production meeting at Brinx.TV before we Launch our NEW National Daily TV Show:

The NIL House Nutrition – Your Epicenter for All Things Nutrition 

The show will be Fully Powered by PFC3 with a Daily Focus on Blood Sugar Balance, Body-Mind-Lifestyle & 1% Coaching!

All centered around our new and most robust program to date: The 100 Days of 1%.

We are bringing the best Health Pros from around the globe to contribute, all with their own special segments to help empower & educate every person.

And the cool thing is it will have an immediate audience of over 2 million daily viewers and will be seen in every airport and hotel via ReachTV.com, and streamed online at Brinx.TV, along with many other online platforms.

Besides what Abbi, Carrie Lupoli and I will be bringing as hosts and show creators, check out just a few of the World Class contributors, with many more coming:

  • Flip the Switch with Rex Crain (Weekly Performance & Mindset Coaching)
  • Melting with Sue Hitzmann (Fascia, Muscle and Pain Free Living)
  • Gut Check with Digestion Surgeon, Dr Anna Toker (Unlocking Your Digestive System)
  • Make a Move with Sports Medicine’s Dr. Fabian Morales (Keeping Your Joints, Bones & Body Strong)
  • PFC3 Recipe Delights with Food Guru, Tania Gustafson (Delicious, PFC3 Balanced and Simple to Make Recipes)
  • Uncaged with Dan Miller (Living Wild Outside and Experiencing Dan’s Global Outdoor Adventures)

This show, along with the 100 Days of 1% program and our epic blood sugar global movement, is helping educate and empower so many to forever live with food freedom.

You’ll be able to catch every episode on Brinx.TV as well as ReachTV.com, and next week I’ll share all the additional places you can watch our new show.

Get ready to take your education and inspiration to the next level!

We hope to see you in our exclusive PFC3 Club, which comes free with the 100 Days of 1% Program.

Sending you the most massive hugs and forever committed to helping you live your greatest health!


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