Your 8-Week Plan to Lose Your Bloat, Melt Your Belly and Live Your Life

Get ready to permanently lose weight, burn fat and ignite your metabolism.

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Features of the Plan
PFC Book CoverPFC Book Table of Contents 1PFC Book Table of Contents 2

Powerful NEW Eat PFC Every 3 book that leads you through every step of your 8 Week Experience and beyond!

8 Week Run™ - Detox Phase8 Week Run - Phases

Interactive Guides to Your 3 Phases, Detox, Ignite, and Thrive

8 Week Run™ - Videos

Powerful Coaching Videos and Podcasts from Mark Macdonald

8 Week Run™ - Recipes

Delicious Recipes that go hand in hand with the three phases of Your 8 Week Run


Motivational daily support, inspiring stories and cutting edge new strategies

  • 8 Week Run Transformation Facebook Group
  • 8 Week Run Recipe Collection Facebook Group
  • Mark Macdonald’s strategies for reclaiming your health in a busy world
  • Expert Coaches Here to Help

8 Week Run E Cover

Price: $97

One Time Fee and Unlimited Access

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Inspiring Transformations of People Just Like You on the 8 Week Run

Ivette Montilla - After


Ivette was struggling with excess weight and unrealistic goals. When she adjusted her timeline and changed her eating and exercise habits, she dropped twenty-seven pounds and seventeen inches and got her “pre-baby” body back in eight weeks.

JJ and Kiki Gregoire Soccer
JJ Gregoire - AfterJJ-Gregoire-Before-Front


Hunter’s elite soccer coach, JJ Gregoire, is a perfect example of this. JJ came to me and shared how he wanted to get back in shape. He used to be a big- time soccer player, and to the eye of the beholder, he still looked fit, but he knew that once the clothes came off or he did some sprints, he was far from it.

JJ took action, made his 8 Week Run, and got back into top shape, dropping twenty-one pounds and eighteen inches. And most importantly, he’s got his energy back, is playing competitive soccer again, and has become a role model for Kiki and every player on Hunter’s team and their parents on how to make your health happen!

Michelle Totten - After
Michelle Totten - Before


Michelle, mother of three, was struggling to lose baby weight. During the eight-week program, she lost twenty-eight pounds and twenty-three inches and has since dropped another ten pounds!

Mark Timmerman Before and After


When Mark and his wife decided to make health a priority, they lost a combined seventy-seven pounds and forty-one inches. Mark’s new habits also improved his mood, blood work, stress, and sleep.

Jose Vazquez - After - Beyond
Jose Vazquez - After
Jose Vazquez - Before


Jose did what many parents do— he worked the hours he needed to pay the bills and then sacrificed caring for his own health to spend quality time with his family… Then he started Mark’s plan.

In just eight weeks, Jose lost twenty-nine pounds, twenty-four inches, and two pants sizes. And the fun didn’t stop there. Jose kept losing pounds and inches. With this program, Jose was finally able to balance his health, work, and family life while efficiently managing his stress.

Sherry Huva - After Thrive
Sherry Huva - After Front
Sherry Huva - Before Front


Sherry and her family have always been health conscious and active, but as life continued to get busier, Sherry started noticing that her clothes became tighter and the mirror not as friendly.

Sherry dove full throttle into her 8 Week Run and in the process has become an incredible amateur chef. Her clean and balanced meals were so tasty that her family couldn’t wait for dinner. Her new excitement about exercise motivated the rest of the family to get more active.

8 Week Run E Cover

Price: $97

One Time Fee and Unlimited Access

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