One-on-One Coaching

At Venice Nutrition, we know that one size does not fit all and that is why we offer these different ways for you to achieve your personal goals.

  1. NEW Work Exclusively with Mark Macdonald
  2. Work with a coach by phone for one on one consulting.
  3. Join One of Our Online Programs to work independently at your own pace.
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How One-on-One Consulting Works

Our one-on-one coaching programs are a “hands on” approach to help you achieve your goals and are ideal for those who prefer working with an experienced professional for personal support, motivation and coaching. All sessions are arranged to work with your lifestyle and schedule. Work one on one with your personal Venice Nutrition Coach via Phone. Each package includes the benefits of a complimentary online membership.

  1. Nutrition & Fitness Assessment (approximately 1 hour)

    The purpose of the Assessment is to get to know you on a personal level and better understand your goals and lifestyle.

    In your initial session, you and your Coach will discuss your goals, health history, past and current dietary and exercise habits, lifestyle, supplementation and commitment level in depth. Your Coach will discuss positive changes to improve your current routine, educate you on the science of blood sugar stabilization, how to perform the correct exercise and most importantly, how to work your new program into your lifestyle.

  2. Program Presentation (approximately 45 minutes)

    Begin your customized nutrition and fitness program!

    During this session, your coach will present your customized program, discussing with you in detail your sleep, nutrition, exercise, supplementation and water recommendations. Together you will set up a realistic game plan to help you to easily implement your plan into your lifestyle. You’ll also learn how to use all of the features of your software (please note that all one-on-one consulting packages include a free online membership for the length of your program. Monthly and yearly memberships are available if you choose to continue using the online system after your program ends). Together you will create realistic goals to achieve for your first follow up appointment. Full email and phone support with your Nutrition Coach is available throughout your entire program.

  3. All Follow Up Sessions (held every two weeks, approximately 30-45 minutes per session)

    Each follow up session is custom tailored to you, depending on your unique goals and progress thus far. Any necessary adjustments to your program will be made to help you implement your plan into your lifestyle.

    Because follow up sessions are customized to your individual needs, they may include a variety of topics including learning how to create customized meals, how to dine out, how to eat well on the go, break through plateaus, recipe modification, cooking for a family, eating well while traveling or working, diversifying exercise, working with medical conditions, and any other specific area that you may need assistance with.

    Together you and your Coach will set new goals for you to achieve, and find solutions to any challenges you may be experiencing. Your coach will continue to motivate and guide you to reach your goals with complete phone and email support in between your follow up visits.

    Follow up sessions occur approximately every two weeks. Enjoy complete email and phone support throughout the remainder of your program.

Working with your personal Nutrition Coach is an investment and education that will last you a lifetime!