Customized Meal Planning System

Whether your health goal is to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle or greatly increase your energy, this plan is for you.

It’s a fully interactive customized meal planning system that will take your food education and results to the Next Level and provide you with the knowledge to make your nutrition a way of life.

This powerful customized meal planning system utilizes the principles featured in our NY Times Best Selling Book, Body Confidence.

Watch this video of Venice Nutrition Creator, Mark Macdonald, highlighting the main features of the system and how it will help unlock your body’s full potential and permanently reprogram your metabolism.

Monthly Membership: $19.95One Year Membership: $129.00(plus free 3 month membership to gift to a friend)

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Want an In-Depth Look Inside the Customized Meal Planning System?

If so, watch this Getting Started Video of Mark showing how to utilize and maximize each main tool in the software.

The Customized Meal Planning System includes all of the following:

Mobile-Friendly Software

Mobile Meal Plans

Access your personal plan and track your meals and exercise wherever you go!

Your Personal Body Confidence Plan

Body Confidence Plan

Your “blue print” for success includes your customized nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplement and water parameters.

Goal Setting Page & Progress Tracker

Goal Tracker

Track your weight, body fat and progress with your Goal Setting tools

Customized Meal Plans

Customized Meal Plans

With endless meal choices based on your personal goals and food likes, you’ll never be bored!

Over 1000 Meal Options

Meal Building

Our extensive food database and “meal builder” gives you the ability to quickly exchange food items within a meal and create new meals. The software does all the work for you; no need to count calories or do math!

Delicious Recipe Database

Recipes Database

Our recipe database includes easy, inspired, deliciously balanced recipes perfect for singles and families. Check out a few recipes here

Exercise Plan

gym women exercising

Learn how to maximize your workout for faster, better results with a fat-blasting cardio exercise plan, correct exercise techniques plus sample exercise routines based on your specific goals.

Interactive Journal

Woman Using the Journal

Your interactive journal is a fast and easy way to track your meals, exercise routines and even your thoughts throughout your journey!

Grocery Shopping List

Grocery Shopping List

Your automated shopping list can be printed or simply use Venice Nutrition Mobile for easy shopping and planning on the go.

Member Handbook

Member Handbook Section 1

Your handbook is key to learning the physiology of the human body, blood sugar stabilization, why “dieting” and just “counting calories” are not permanent solutions to reach optimal health and so much more.

Support from Mark and our Nutrition Coaches

Online Support from our Team of Experts

All of the members of our support team are Certified Venice Nutrition Coaches, so you know you are in good hands. If you have a question, just ask. additional one on one coaching programs are available

Monthly Coaching Webinar Series


Join Mark Macdonald’s inspirational webinars and gain the education, tools and the coaching you need to work your plan into your lifestyle, break through plateaus and stay motivated!


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Receive inspirational messages and videos, “real life” nutrition and fitness tips as well as success stories from Mark and his team of top experts.

Monthly Membership: $19.95One Year Membership: $129.00(plus free 3 month membership to gift to a friend)

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Imagine your transformation…

Get inspired by seeing, hearing and feeling from other transformations that have rocked the program and have made their food and fitness a permanent part of their world!

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