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Why Dieting Fails… and the Power of Blood Sugar Stabilization

Do you want to lose weight, burn fat, build lean muscle, boost your metabolism and increase your energy? Do you want to fuel your workouts and look and feel your best without dieting or restriction? The answer is simple; stabilize your blood sugar and you WILL achieve your goals!

By stabilizing your blood sugar levels (glucose in your blood) with the right food, you create balance (homeostasis) which allows your body to release stored body fat, toxins and excess sodium, while protecting lean muscle mass and igniting metabolism.

Here’s how it works:

Whenever you over-eat or indulge in a carbohydrate-heavy meal, your blood sugar spikes (above 120 mg/dl) and your body stores fat.

Just the opposite happens when you skip a meal, eliminate carbohydrates or calories your body needs or work out on an empty stomach. Blood sugar drops too low (below 80 mg/dl) and your body is forced to burn lean muscle mass for fuel in place of body fat, thus slowing your metabolism.

Stabilizing your blood sugar (keep levels between 80 and 120 mg/dl throughout the day) will naturally help you to:

  • burn body fat
  • protect and increase lean muscle mass
  • eliminate sugar (carbohydrate) cravings
  • boost your energy
  • break through stubborn plateaus
  • achieve permanent results

Blood Sugar Stabilization vs. Calorie and Carbohydrate Restriction

While restricting calories (calories in vs. calories out) or carbohydrates will initially cause weight loss, both methods will always lead to an immovable plateau once your body reaches it’s set point (the weight your body wants to weight and where it gets stuck).

Even worse, calorie or carbohydrate restriction causes low blood sugar and leads to:

  • low energy
  • extreme cravings
  • loss of lean muscle which slows down metabolism

Once you re-introduce the calories and carbohydrates you restricted (you can’t starve forever!), you regain the weight plus extra body fat due to the loss of lean muscle mass and a slower metabolism. This makes it even more challenging to lose weight the next time around and leads to the yo-yo syndrome (weight loss followed by weight gain), which inevitably slows your metabolism even more.

The Solution is Blood Sugar Stabilization

When blood sugar is stable, you continually release stored body fat (each lb. of stored fat has approx. 3,500 calories), which is then burned up primarily within your muscle tissue during exercise and daily activity.

Muscle Fact:

Each pound of muscle stores 3500 calories.

Fat Fact:

Fat is burned primarily in muscle

More Muscle = Faster Metabolism!

Stable blood sugar also creates an anabolic environment (a positive growth state) that optimizes cell reproduction, energy levels, focus, sleep and stress management and allows you to build lean muscle mass to increase your metabolism.

The truth is, we all want to be happy and look and feel our best without restriction. With any program you choose through Venice Nutrition, you’ll learn how your body really works and you’ll gain the tools you need to be successful for life. I promise you, if you choose to make your health a priority, the juice will be worth the squeeze!

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