PFC3 Halloween Style + How to Avoid the Sugar Hangover


Hello Health Champion!

We are excited for Halloween this year, Hunter and I are going in our official Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker costumes, with full light sabers!  Hope will be crushing her new Bat Girl costume and we’re trying to talk Abbi into being Princess Leia, wish us luck!

This will be our best Halloween and Hope and Hunter are ready to load up on Candy.

Now, for many people, Halloween is a night that truly kicks off the Holidays and lets us all be kids again.

However, it can also cause a major sugar hangover and be the catalyst to gaining the unwanted “holiday 15″.

So for this Halloween and Holiday season it’s time to have a blast, prevent all candy hangovers and keep your health results flowing by following these 3 easy strategies:

1) Eat protein with your sweets


All carbs like fruit, veggies, grains and candy (yes candy) get metabolized as sugar. The main difference between the different types of carbs is the rapid pace they get metabolized by your digestive system. Candy is refined sugar and causes big blood sugar spikes which lead to epic blood sugar crashes.

An easy solution is to eat protein with your Halloween candy.

A couple turkey slices, a cup of greek or coconut yogurt, a protein shake or a stick of string cheese are excellent protein choices to minimize the blood sugar challenges eating candy alone will cause.

Here are two great examples of how Hunter & Hope eat their favorite candy (skittles) and keeps their blood sugar balanced:

Hunter's Skittle Meals

2) Eat PFC3 at most of your meals

Trick or treating, holiday parties and the extra goodies at work make it that much harder to eat clean from October through December. While it’s definitely more difficult, it’s still completely doable to rock your health goals.

Focus eating PFC3 for at least 95% of your meals. PFC3 is simply eating every 3 hours with a balance of your favorite proteins, fat and carbs.

3) Get right back on plan after your holiday meal


We all fall off plan! Your success is determined by how quickly you get back on track.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve are only 4 days… not months.

Now Hanukkah can be a little tricky since its 8 crazy nights :), but even with Hanukkah it’s still only 12 days total. Have fun on those days and then get right back on track by eating PFC3.

Eating on plan consistently will easily cancel the extra “off plan” aka gratification meals.

So starting right after Halloween, my advice is to give yourself a little extra slack during the holidays and realize some extra sweets and “off plan” meals are irrelevant in the big health picture. Just make sure to get right back on plan and rock the 3 simple strategies I just shared.

This mindset shift will help prevent you from gaining any unwanted pounds this holiday season and propel you into 2023 like the super star you are!

And if you’re up to experiencing more PFC3 strategies, recipes and live with food freedom dive into one of our nutrition programs or take an adventure with one of my best-selling books.


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