Sharing Authentic Videos with Your Tribe


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

It’s the most excited I’ve been about our health pro movement since we first launched our Nutrition Coach Certification in 2005!

The training, support and new technology coming your way is pure power.

It’s an incredible time in the world right now as a health pro and thought leader.

So much is at your fingertips to expand your business, brand and most importantly authentically share your message.

I wanted to share two videos I shot this past week and shared on social and to our email list and blog.

One is a great example of how to show Realtime content in a super authentic way with your Tribe.

This is a 4 Minute Info-Packed video showing how simple it is to choose clean proteins, fats and carbs and standing ovation to Abbi for her top-notch video work!

Then I built off that video and shared that once your fridge and pantry is full, here are 3 simple ways to know if your blood sugar is balanced.

This video and messaging stacking is part of how you educate and make your content interesting, relative, and authentic.

And this is also what we are bringing with our new PFC3 Affiliate program and training. The technology is cutting edge!

If you haven’t yet signed up as an affiliate, check it out here, it’s free and a great first step with awesome live and video trainings.

You’ll also be on our Health Pro insider list to see all the new things coming to help expand your brand.

And the best part is that all this new info will help take your Venice Nutrition training to the ultimate level.

We have a special PFC3 affiliate training this Wednesday, March 8th, with Social Media Expert, Mandy Smith.

Mandy will be sharing the top 5 strategies on how to engage your audience on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.

Simply become an affiliate and get exclusive access to the training.


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