Shedding Covid Weight Gain & Dear Chelsea Podcast


Hello Health Champion!

I feel the positive health energy of the world getting stronger each day.  2020 was a tough year for many people, but with challenges there are revelations. 

96% of adults want a stronger commitment to their health and are looking for real solutions. 

This hunger for health learning and lifestyle education has been my mission for the last 25 years and the moment of forever change is now. 

Over the next few months you’ll see some new incredible partnerships we are launching that are leading a massive global health change and movement.  

These are partnerships Abbi and I have worked for our entire career, so get ready! 

And for today, I wanted to share two powerful interviews I did to empower people to live their best health. 

The first interview was with my great friends at HLN.  Super host Mike Galanos did a spotlight interview with our dear friends Ivette and Richard Montilla Hookong about Covid Weight gain and how to get back into a healthy lifestyle.   I also shared my 3 top strategies to start with. It’s a powerful 4 minutes and definitely worth the watch:

And if you’re ready to laugh and get real with your health, then listen to the Podcast that Chelsea Handler and I did together.  Chelsea is one of my best friends in this world and we had an awesome talk about nutrition and what it takes to reprogram your metabolism and feel your best. 

Thanks for being an awesome member of our community and leading by example with your health.  Together we are forever changing the world and the best part is this is truly just the beginning!!


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