Shift from Watching to Moving


Happy Saturday Health Champion!

Yesterday we dove into How to Eat PFC at Chipotle and balance your meals.

Today is all about shifting from Watching to Moving.

I shot this video when Hunter and I got to Alabama.  He was warming up for his match and I had 2 choices:

– Sit and watch them warm up
– OR 
– Go for a walk and MOVE 

Whether you’re helping your kids live their athlete dreams or you’re at home watching your favorite sports, everyday you have the same choice I had in Alabama.

You can Watch or Move.

Check out this video to see the choice I made and to learn an extra exercise tip that burns at least 3 times more calories than sitting!

And if you are fired up to take your exercise to the next level, here’s a great article to help you start working out Smarter instead of harder ??:

Have fun getting your exercise groove on and sending the most massive hugs!


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