Thank YOU for the Last 10 Years!!


Hello Health Champion!

10 years ago, our life changed forever, and a movement was born….

April 5th, 2011, we launched Body Confidence on Chelsea Lately and it became an instant Amazon & NY Times Best Seller.

SO many of you gave your heart to help launch this book.  From our dear friend Chelsea Handler, to Vaughan Risher for his powerful graphics, to Valerie Cogswell for her delicious recipes, to our 20 book stars, to all the Venice Nutrition Coaches and fellow health pros, to the hundreds of thousands of members who live and believe in the movement, to our media friends, to our incredible partnerships committed to spreading the message globally and to every reader, living, experiencing and sharing the power of their health journey.  THANK YOU for helping change the health of the world!

At the time, this book was my life’s work and Chapter One kicked it off in style with the chapter title “Why Diets Fail”

To this day, writing Body Confidence and recording the audio book were the two most difficult things I’ve ever done.

Abbi and I wanted to do something special to celebrate the anniversary, so last week we shared stories, pictures and videos of the incredible people whose lives have changed.  We also wanted to provide moments of inspiration for every entrepreneur who has a dream to see the possibility of what can be…

If you want to see those comments and post’s check out my Facebook page, the comments and pictures are powerful.

And for today, I wanted to share two very special moments with you…

First, was signing my first book with my boy.

For every entrepreneur out there, reaching for your dreams and making a difference in the world only matters if you include everyone you love.

Hunter was 6 at the time, now he’s 16 and taking the world by storm. The adventures we’ve had over the last 10 years are epic memories.

For us, life is about living unattached to the outcome, fighting fearlessly for our dreams and empowering as many people as we can along the path. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but whatever the outcome the adventure is always done as a family.

Make sure to cherish your past adventures and then cast a new vision of the life you want to live and then fearlessly begin your exploration with everyone you love.

Second, is the reason behind why I wrote Body Confidence, my wife Abbi.   Her strength and courage to fight back daily against Fibromyalgia is the definition of inspiration.   Abbi’s strength elevated my purpose and my commitment to helping as many people as possible to forever win with their health, regardless of their circumstances.

Here’s a Facebook Live I did sharing Abbi’s journey and the 3 Step System everyone can follow to truly unlock their body’s full potential.

Thank you for choosing to lead by example with your health.  Your daily actions make a difference in the world and together we are ending the dieting madness.

Each day our health movement grows stronger globally, so buckle up, it’s just the beginning!


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