The Best Time to Exercise + How to Plank


Hello Health Champion!

One of the hottest questions I get is,

“When’s the best time to exercise?”

A study came out with some real data about exercise timing, so it was a great time to do a  HLN segment with my buddy and super host Christi Paul.

In the video I share the best time to exercise (the morning) and also some realistic options if you’re not a morning person like my wife Abbi!

Here’s the segment:

Want a Strong Core and Tight Abs?  If so, it’s time to Plank!

Later in the segment Christi and I talked about Planking and how it’s the one of the best ways to strengthen your core and can be done almost anywhere and anytime.

Check out the video and best Planking technique here:

Want more Exercise info?  Functional Friday is here! 

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Here’s last weeks tip.  It was a pic from a hiking adventure last weekend with the family and It shows how to keep your core strong and body balanced.

Whatever exercise you love, lean into that and focus on 1% daily / weekly progress on your activity.  A body that moves is a happy body & mind!


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