The Power of Change


Happy Saturday!

As you prepare to rock the weekend I wanted to send a fresh reminder about the power of change.

My inspiration for this email came from my last 5 months of incredible international travel.

Every event, city and country left me inspired by the incredible stories of health transformations, all ignited by the simple choice to change.

Regardless of the language, culture or country, the sheer power of action motivated by change created movements in each community. A ripple that is now evolving into an ocean.

From Japan to Russia, Poland, Brazil, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, France, Hungary, Canada and of course the USA, each event was fueled and empowered by change.

Here are a few amazing photos from the five month international speaking tour:

International Speaking Tour

Each event reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from best selling author, Marie Kondo:

People cannot change their habits without first changing their way of thinking.

– Marie Kondo

Those words are so profound and so true.

The real reason people fail with their health is because they never change their way of thinking, they only attempt to follow the same habits time after time, always coming up short of their goal.

Now, I get how change is never easy for any of us, me included, but many times it’s necessary.

And after traveling for 5 months and seeing hundreds of thousands of people choose to shift their mindset and forever change their health, it reminded me of the simplicity of change. Once you feel the courage, change is then just a choice.

We have all heard of the definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome”.
At moments of insanity, change is needed as well as a new way of thinking.

So as you take on the weekend ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Do I know how to achieve and maintain my health goals?
  2. Is my energy great each day?
  3. Am I making my health a way of life?

Your answers to those 3 simple questions will immediately show you if it’s time to make a change or lean into what you’re already doing.

If your answers are YES to those questions, then push yourself even more to unlock your body’s full potential. Be a leader in our community, ask ALL questions, and keep learning and evolving with your food and fitness.

But if your answers are NO to those questions, it’s time to make a change. Your first step can simply be reading my 2 blogs about learning the difference between dieting and eating PFC every 3.

And then if you want to learn even more about our programs centered on the science of your body and how it works, watch this video:

Which Program is Right for You?

Have an awesome weekend and be on the lookout for my weekly articles and videos. I’ll be sending ideas, tips and strategies each week to help you develop new winning habits so your health can become a way of life.


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