The Truth About Sugar


Hello Health Champion!

It feels like Sugar is getting the same incorrect bad rap that fat did during the “fat-free” craze of the 90’s.

So let’s talk about Sugar and How Carbs, when eaten in the right balance and combination, are your body’s best friend!

ALL Carbs, with the exception of Fiber, get metabolized as Sugar – yes all carbs!

Apples, berries, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal and every other fruit, vegetable and grain gets broken down to sugar by your digestive system. 

Here’s a 3 minute video I did that takes you on a fun & education packed sugar and carb adventure:

As you live your health journey, there’s one goal we should all strive for, get educated enough about your food & body that you have the knowledge to block out the noise and become your own Nutrition Boss!

And if you’re ready to learn even more about carbs and how to optimally fuel your body with PFC (proteins, fats and carbs), dive into our NEW PFC3 – 28-Day Jumpstart program, a full Body-Mind-Lifestyle approach that will empower, educate and transform you with 1% daily coaching and most importantly balance your blood sugar.

Keep learning and loving your carbs!


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