Truvia: The Newest Way to Sweeten Your Day


On occasion,  I like nothing more than a sweetened glass of cold iced tea or hot mug of coffee.  What I don’t like is “drinking” my calories.  If there’s a way to impart sweetness without spiking my blood sugar, I’m all for it. I recently had the pleasure of trying Truvia, the newest “real” sweetener made from the stevia plant, to hit the market.  I was pleasantly surprised;  Truvia was naturally sweet, blended perfectly with my cup of Vanilla and Pomegranate tea and had no aftertaste (really). I decided to share my research on what makes Truvia stand out from the crowd of sugar-free sweeteners.

According to, truvia trumps other natural sweeteners made from stevia, because it’s made from rebiana, “the best tasting  part of the stevia leaf”.  Truvia is calorie free with no effect on the glycemic index, making it a fantastic choice for diabetics and people like me who stabilize their blood sugar for optimal health.    Truvia is tasty stirred in your favorite beverage, sprinkled on fruit and can even be used in baking.  One packet equals 2 teaspoons of pure sugar (without the sugar spike and calories of course).

All in all, Truvia is a naturally tasty way to add some guilt free sweetness to your life.   For more info, check out



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