[Videos] – Customized Meal Planning + NEW Co-Brand Package


I wanted to send you a super quick email and share two exciting videos with you.

Being a health pro, my goal has been simple, I stay focused on creating the best nutrition tools and system to seamlessly work into your business, while simultaneously maximizing your clients results and your revenue growth.

I’m fired up to share today that we have just launched two amazing platforms for your business to grow!

First, after a solid year of development, we just took our software to the next level. This NEW Customized Meal Planning System is powerful and an amazing tool for your clients.

Plus we’re continually adding new meals, recipes, foods and videos to always bring value to help maximize your clients results.

A tool like this makes your life much easier when customizing meal plans.

Watch this Video to see the highlights of the Customized Meal Planning System:

VN Sales - Custom Meal System

Second, last week we launched our NEW 8 Week Co-Brand Package and the excitement has been amazing, love that so many of you chose to get the package and see the power of adding it to your business!

There were also some questions about the full package, so I shot this video. I suggest watching it, I walk you through everything the Co-Brand packages has, as well as, the best way to utilize it.

VN Sales - Cobrand Video


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