Weekly Advanced Coaching is BACK!


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

Monday night was the night I kicked off my LIVE weekly Nutrition and Fitness coaching sessions on Facebook AND our NEW weekly Advanced Coaching in our Coaches Network Community!

As I write my next book, Coach the 40 person pilot group and fine tune the next evolution of our Body Confidence Program, I wanted to include YOU and our entire community in the journey.

Plus as I create the NEW Nutrition Coaching and Speaking Program for all health pros, I also wanted to include you in this process.

So if you’re ready for a Fun and Info packed adventure get ready for 2 Weekly Live Facebook Sessions:

  1. First one will be how I’m Coaching an online community
  2. Second one will be insight on how you can evolve my coaching style and strategies to optimize your business and growth

We are also adding a NEW Advanced Coaching tab to VNCoachesNetwork.com and each of these weekly videos will be available there.

OK! To get started in taking your skill set to the Next Level, here are both coaching session from Monday…

Session 1 – How to Build YOUR own Custom Meal Plan (and I used our World Class Custom Meal Planning System)

Session 2 – How to LEAD Your Clients as they Start Their Program

Buckle up, we are going to have an amazing health adventure together each week!

Thank you for being an incredible part of our community!


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