What Health Chapter are You Living In?


As you take on the week I wanted to share a quick reminder with you, something I was reminded of last week while working with a client…

Your health evolves as your life and goals evolve.

There are chapters with your health and it’s important to close a chapter when it’s time and evolve your food and fitness to your new chapter.

I’ve had many chapters with my health, a few being:

  • As an athlete training 5 hours a day and eating whatever I wanted
  • As a former athlete no longer doing endless hours of cardio and struggling with food – I still can’t believe I was 250 pounds in my “big boy” days, I look like a massive beast next to Abbi!
  • As a fitness model living at 4-5% body fat
  • Now as a dad, husband, entrepreneur, health expert and hugger – loving my food, my fitness, my body and feeling the best in my life

And here a some pics of each chapter…

My point is, when I look back at my previous health chapters I smile, acknowledge what I did right and also what I could have done better.

I then apply that info to my new health chapter – never looking back at what was, that’s in the past.

I see many people struggle with trying to recapture the health or body they had in the past, not realizing that was a different time and their life and goals have changed.

To keep the joy of your health flowing, focus on celebrating all you have done with your body and envision starting a New Health Chapter and embarking on a level of health greater than anything in the past.

At 46, that’s what I strive for every day and here’s a quote I wrote a few years ago. I look at it everyday as a powerful reminder that the greatest health chapters are always in the present and future, never in the past.

And if you’re ready to start your next Health Chapter and are looking for more tools and support, watch this video to learn more about our different Venice Nutrition Programs and choose the best one for you.

As always thank you for being an amazing part of our community and Make This is YOUR Next Health Chapter Now!


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