What’s In Your MRFK?


Hello Health Champion!

I just got to Rome, Italy to speak, hug and lead an epic workout.

I wanted to shoot off a quick message talking about the importance of your MRFK (Mobile Readiness Food Kit).

There are 3 places to win with your food – 1) At Home, 2) At Work 3) On the go (around town, shuttling kids or traveling).

Your MRFK is crucial to staying on plan and preventing the low blood sugar fast food cravings from creeping in…

I’ve traveled to over 50 countries in the last 3 years and have gone through customs on 6 continents (still waiting to rock Antarctica) and the great news is everything below you can bring on any international trips.

The quantity you bring is based on the time you’re gone and if you have access to a grocery store.

For example, while I’m in Rome this weekend, Abbi, Hunter and Hope will be in North Carolina for Hunter’s Soccer games. They will have a similar MRFK with them, but they’ll also make a quick stop at a local grocery store to get some items for the fridge in the room.

Ok let’s dive in – Check out the food items from this pic below and the tools I use to transport the food. You can find everything online or at local stores.

When I travel, I eat these foods, plus I make sure to get a PFC balanced breakfast and PFC balanced dinner at restaurants, for a total of totally 6-7 balanced meals a day.

MRFK Luggage
MRFK Layout

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