When’s the Best Time to Exercise?


Hello Health Champion!

I wanted to send you a quick message about my HLN segment as you take on the week.

I had a blast on HLN last week and our segment was about a few burning questions I’m always asked, which are:

  • When is the best time to exercise?
  • How do I Squat?
  • What are the best plank positions?

Here’s the segment to Watch and find out the answers. Get ready to take your exercise to the next level!

And Standing Ovation to Super Host Christi Paul who does squats and planks in heels – now that’s Legend Status!

Plus, here are a few shots from the segment so it’s like you were there with us. My highlight of the day was Hunter wanting to come with me – he’s 14 now and still loves hanging with his dad, and he’s learning how to take pictures like me too!

Have an awesome week and massive hugs!


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