Why Dieting Fails


Hello Health Champion!

I remember back in 2011 when my first book Body Confidence was released.

As we watched the Amazon Charts the following day, the top 3 books were Body Confidence, a Keto Book and a Calorie Restriction book.

Fast forward 9 years later, after a couple best-selling books, millions of people around the world eating PFC and a few thousand media segments, the dieting battle is still just a strong…

A recent study shared that 68% of the population want to live a healthier lifestyle but they are confused and struggle with what exactly to do.

One of my favorite quotes is from Steven Clarke and it sums up why so many people struggle with their health,

“In a world where we are all searching for the right answers, often without results, have you ever given thought to what the right questions are?”

The reality is most people don’t know what the right questions are, and without the right questions you can never find the right answers for your health.

My message to you today is to dive in, roll up your sleeves and start questioning every nutrition program you want to do.  Challenge the information, fight for the truth and be relentless in your pursuit for the answers.

Only with this commitment will you find the best health lifestyle for you and your family.

As your truth adventure begins, I suggest you challenge every program with these 3 simple questions:

If the answers are YES to all 3 questions, it’s the right program for you, if it’s NO to any of the questions there are holes in the program and even though you will most likely get initial results, you will eventually rebound. This rebound will damage your metabolism and lead you back to searching for the right answers.

Here is a Facebook Live video I did this week talking about these 3 questions and putting the 3 most popular nutrition philosophies to the test:

  • PFC Every 3 (blood sugar balance)
  • Ketogenic Diets
  • Intermittent Fasting

Check it out, I walk you through the science of each:

And if you like to watch videos but also read articles, like I do, here’s an info packed article I wrote about the different diets in the marketplace and the science between each:

There you have it, a simple step by step process to expose the harmful nutrition programs and find the one that will optimize your health and maximize your results.

9 years later and I’m ALL in to continue my path of helping and empowering as many people as possible to WIN with their health, and everyday there are new health warriors joining the fight right by my side.

Thanks for being an amazing part of our community and always remember YOU decide your health success!


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