Why You Should Never Carb Load


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My goal with this series twofold:

  1. Expose all the fake hype and athlete myths in the health industry, and provide real nutrition solutions for kids, teenagers and parents.
  2. Partner with you to help expand your coaching outreach to Kid/Teenage Athletes and their Parents throughout your community.

We all know our kids and teenagers are our future, and this series will give them the food education they need to excel at their sport and beyond their athletic career.

Each week I’ll be exposing athlete myths, sharing tasting recipes and providing cool cutting edge strategies to help you and your clients cut through the hype and make nutrition and fitness choices based on rock solid science and education! 

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And as we all know, every kid/teenage athlete has parents that want to live healthier lives too, this coaching series provides an incredible gateway into working with kids and adults, both utilizing your nutrition services.

So to start, here’s the first myth we’re obliterating, Carb Loading!

Why You Should NEVER Carb Load


Growing up as an athlete the majority of my coaches recommended carbohydrate loading the night before a game.

The thought process behind this is that by eating complex carbohydrates (that huge bowl of pasta or plate of mashed potatoes) the night before your competition, your muscles will fill up with stored sugar (stored glucose is called glycogen).

This is then supposed to provide your muscles with more fuel during your competition, allowing you to have better endurance and more energy.

From the surface, it seems to make sense.

However, this is why myths are created. They all look good on the surface, that’s why they have survived over the years.

Once you begin to pull back some layers and dig a little deeper, the holes begin to appear.

There are 3 Reason Why Carb Loading Doesn’t Work:


Your body does not store glucose (glycogen) very efficiently, triggering excess carbs to be stored as body fat


The stored sugar (glycogen) in your skeletal muscle cannot be used as blood sugar, causing your body to convert amino acids (Your Muscle) to glucose. No athlete wants to lose muscle!


You will experience energy drops during competition which will negatively affect your performance and recovery

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