Your Client’s 2 most important Health Questions


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

Since January is quickly approaching, I wanted to share this message with you. It’s a great way to help your clients forget about the weight loss hype and actually start seeing what it really takes to making their health goals a reality.

I suggest you deliver this type of message to your clients and throughout your community, it will instantly set you apart from your competition and most important, set your clients up to WIN with their health!

Here’s my blog…

Since the New Year is less than a month away, this is the time of year many people start searching for the magic weight loss plan for 2017.

Unfortunately, as we all know, there is no such thing as a magic weight loss plan.

For twenty plus years, I’ve grown very tired of all the fake hype and false hope health companies deliver this time of year. So I say Enough is Enough!!

It’s time we all start sharing a message that permanently achieving your health goals requires education, the desire to change habits and the determination to do the work.

It’s not easy to make your food and fitness a part of your life, it’s not easy to consistently grocery shop and prepare food, and it’s not easy to maximize your sleep and minimize your stress.

We need to stop trying to do easy, and start seeing what we get from our Health is simply everything.

This is the year we ALL draw our line in the sand, choose our health as a priority & inspire others to follow our lead. And my mission is to help you every step of the way.

Which is exactly why every week I share cutting edge strategies, motivating stories and delicious recipes to help you see the possibility of what can truly be with your health.

And your first step in your awesome health journey is asking yourself the 2 most important health questions.

Here are two of my favorite quotes that really sum up the questions you must ask yourself before you start a plan and the mindset you need to truly make your plan become a way of life.

2 Questions to Ask
New Year 2017

This is your moment, this is your time, make 2017 your best health year ever!

As you get ready to take your Health Business to the next level in 2017, I want to make sure you’ve done these 3 things…

Have you:

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