We all know that the health industry is continually evolving with new information, science and technology. Renewing your certification every two years allows you to stay ahead of the game and current as a leader in your industry.

2.0 CECs are required every two years to keep your Venice Nutrition Certification valid.

Recertification and CEC FAQs

Your Nutrition Coach or Health Coach Certification is valid for 2 years from the date you successfully pass your exams and complete your certification. 2.0 CECs will be required to maintain a valid Certification beyond your first two years, and for every two year period thereafter.

Every two years your certification needs to be reissued. Please follow this process:

  • Pay the $99.00 recertification fee.
    (this fee is waived if you choose either the Nutrition or Health Coach Certification Course as your CEC option)
  • Once your order is processed, our certification department will review which CEC’s were completed and will keep a record of the particular CEC’s you have chosen to complete.
  • Once your CEC’s are confirmed, your Nutrition Certification will be reissued with the new valid dates and emailed to you within 1-2 weeks.
  • Here’s what you get with the recertification:
    • Keep your credential of Certified Nutrition or Health Coach active
    • Access to Venice Nutrition’s Coaches Network for an additional 2 years.
    • Access to your personalized Venice Nutrition member program for an additional 2 years

Venice Nutrition currently offers 2 options to attain your 2.0 CECs:

  1. Take an existing health course/certification (from any governing body) that requires at least twenty hours of studying time. After you completed the certification, please email a copy of the certification along with a 500-word description of the course and how it improved your skill set as a health professional. This course Must be taken after your initial Venice Nutrition certification to be counted as CEC unites to renew your certification.
  2. Get Certified in our new course the PFC3 Body, Mind and Lifestyle Certification”.  Coming soon! Join the waitlist HERE


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